3 BOX BREAK 2020-21 OPC PLATINUM, 2021-22 O-PEE-CHEE, 2020-21 SPX BREAK 103

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Breaks will not begin until all spots have sold.  The break with happen at 7 PM CST within 1 or 2 days of the last spot selling.  An email will be sent out prior to the break with the time and a link to our YouTube channel.  All breaks will be streamed live on YouTube and posted on YouTube after the live stream for those who could not make it to watch the live stream.  If the team you ended up with did not receive any hits you will not be issued a refund.



The 31 teams will all be sold at a determined price. Prior to the break we will show who has which team.  The more teams purchased the better the odds of getting bigger hits. This can be viewed on our YouTube channel prior to the break.  

A “hit” is every card that is not from the veteran base set.  All hits will be shown close up and mailed to the corresponding person who purchased that team.



Hits will be awarded based on the team listed on the front or back of the card, not based on the jersey the player is wearing.  If no team name is listed on the card then the card is awarded to the team jersey the player is wearing.

Cards with multiple players from different teams will be randomized on random.org. You will get one slot for each player from your team that is on the card.  For example; if the card has McDavid, Draisaitl, and Matthews on it then the person who has the Oilers will have two slots and the person with the Leafs will have one slot when picking the winner of the card.

If a retired player is pulled with a team that is no longer in the NHL then the card will go to the person whose team it became.  For example; a Joe Sakic card with the Nordiques will be awarded to the person with Colorado.  All old Winnipeg Jets cards will go to the new Winnipeg Jets franchise, NOT the Coyotes. If there is no team on the card then the card will go to the NHL team the player is currently on or, if retired, the team they played the most games with.  If it is an Olympic/All-Star Team card then the card will go to the NHL team the player is currently on, or if retired, the team that they played the most games with.



Shipping will be FREE using Canada Post.  Packages will be sent regular mail.  Only cards that are deemed to meet a predetermined value will be shipped out with tracking at no charge. All packages will be shipped in a bubble mailer.  Shipping of the cards will occur 1-2 business days after the break takes place.  Base cards will not be shipped.

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